Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fabulous Wedding Florists

Today I wanted to share with some of my favourites when it comes to choosing a florist for your wedding.
I adore flowers! I'm not particularly happy if I haven't got at least one vase of fresh flowers in the house somewhere .. usually in a cream jug on the dining room table ... so to contemplate a wedding without real flowers, for me, would just not be done!
So I'm a bit of junkie when it comes to catching up on what florists are doing for weddings across the country!
Here are some of my favourites ( although I have so many fabulous florists to choose from I'm bound to have forgotten someone! ) ...

The Garden Gate Flower Company -

Based in Cornwall .. these guys provide beautiful seasonal flowers all grown on their farm. I love them for stunning wildflower and more deconstructed styles of bouquets.

Joanne Truby Floral Design -

I met the lovely Joanne at a wedding industry do last year but have been a fan of her flowers for a while. Her website has just had an amazing new update .. showcasing off her incredibly pretty floral style.

Laura Hingston Flowers -
Based down here in Devon, I came across Laura's flowers at Wedfest, which I exhibited at when I first moved here. Using locally sourced flowers Laura's bouquets are truly beautiful.
I have long been chatting to the lovely Steph, who founded FairyNuff Flowers, on Twitter and have always adored her gorgeous wedding flowers. Incredibly pretty and summery.

Also highly recommended ...

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