Friday, 28 November 2014


Well its Black Friday in the retail world! Apparently the day where shoppers go mad and buy lots of their Christmas shopping online!
So here at Knots & Kisses I've decided to give all of my readers and followers a fantastic 10% discount code to use in my Etsy shop!

But this discount isn't just for use today .. you have until Monday 15th December to redeem you discount code at checkout when purchasing any of my items in the shop .. including Christmas Card Packs and Wedding Stationery!

Happy Black Friday everyone :-)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Save the Date Cards - Why Do You Need Them?

I'm often asked by clients whether or not I think that they need to send out Save the Date cards as well as Invitations. In fact in the UK I think we're still really getting used to the idea of Save the Date cards. A straw poll of my friends a couple of years back revealed that many of them saw no point in a Save the Date card at all ... in fact one had thought that one of the Save the Date cards they had received from another friend was actually the invitation and was surprised there wasn't more information on it.
Many of them came round to seeing the point of the Save the Date card however when I explained how useful it can be in certain situations, and how, although they are not necessary for every wedding some weddings really benefit from a Save the Date card sent 9 months to a year before the wedding.

stationery from

Here are the occasions when I think they are appropriate ...

1. You are getting married abroad.

If you are getting married abroad its a really good idea to send out a Save the Date as well as an invitation. Many guests will need to book time off work and have plenty of time to think about researching flights and accommodation and possibly if they can afford to come at all. As a travel agent in a previous life I was always telling customers to book their flights early if at all possible ( especially if long haul ) to get the best prices ... so give your guests the best opportunity to do this as well.
You can give your guest's the dates they will need to be there and the destination on your Save the Date card and perhaps a link to a website you have set up with more details regarding booking flights and any local accommodation you recommend.
A formal invitation can then be sent approximately 2-3 months before the wedding with any more detailed information they need to know.

stationery from

2. Many of your guests are coming from abroad or long distances.

In exactly the same way that if you are marrying abroad, if you have guests who are coming from abroad or from elsewhere around the country and are going to have to travel to your wedding and possibly stay overnight or all weekend, you need to give them the best opportunity to arrange their travel arrangements, book flights and trains and arrange accommodation.

3. The wedding is mid-week.

Lots of couples are getting married 'off peak' during the week now ... it's a great way of cutting down your costs really quickly as many venues are much cheaper mid-week.
However this does mean that many of your guests will need to book time off work to attend your wedding. Even if yours doesn't lots of work places require their employees to book time off in advance at the beginning of the financial/holiday year so sending out an invitation 2-3 months in advance may mean that certain people you really want to come to your wedding are unable to get the time off work. Sending a quick Save the Date 9 months to a year in advance gives them the opportunity to plan this in.

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4. The wedding is peak holiday time.

This is again really about giving families the opportunity to book time out of work. During the summer holidays and school holidays time off work is at a premium and many people will be competing with their colleagues for time off work so they can take their families away whilst the kids are off school. Many people work weekends or shift work, so even if your wedding is on a Saturday or Sunday don't assume that they won't need to book time off.
Its also a good idea to send out Save the Date cards if you are getting married on a bank holiday or a popular date like Christmas as people will book in things to do on this date much further in advance.

stationery from

One last piece of advice on Save the Dates ... make sure you only send them to people you are absolutely certain are going to receive an invitation! There can be nothing worse than receiving a Save the Date to someone's wedding and then not receiving an invitation and realising you were on some sort of B List!
There is some debate on whether to send Save the Dates to your evening guests. I personally think its perfectly appropriate to send evening guests Save the Dates if they are likely to need any of the advance warning that I have listed above ... if you have evening guests coming from further away for example.
stationery from

I hope this advice has cleared up any issues you have had regarding Save the Date cards.
Any further questions or if you would like to order Save the Dates from Knots & Kisses please don't hesitate to drop me an email at or visit my website

Nikki x

Monday, 24 November 2014

Vintage Country Autumn Wedding Shoot and Stationery

As many of you know I love designing bespoke stationery for photo shoots that are being organised by fellow wedding industry professionals.
Recently I got a call from the lovely Carolyn from the Milburn Arms who was organising a shoot with a real Autumnal & Wildlife feel and asked if I could provide some menus and placecards for the shoot.
I obviously jumped at the chance and went with the 'Country' theme ... creating stationery with a brown tweed background and autumnal flowers.

The photography from Natalie Pluck was amazing ... here are just some of my favourite shots from the day, including my stationery.





credits :
Photographer – Natalie Pluck
Cake – Sonia Peirson
Accessories – What Katie Did Next
Menus/Placecards – Knots and Kisses
BM Dresses – Kate Fearnley
Makeup – Laura McGurk
Hair – Katie Walton
Flowers – Darling & Green
Food / Venue / Car – Milburn Arms
Ceremony / Hand Fasting- Kings Celebrant Services
Brides Dresses – Lace & Co
Menswear – Affleck & Moffat
Ring Bearer Owl – Talon Falconry birds of prey centre
Models: Bride – Lily Hartley Groom: Charlie Gledhill Bridesmaids: Bethany Watson, Alice Cheetham, Holly Wood & Hattie Freer
Horses kindly provided by Jenny Foster & Sweets: Helmsley Traditional Sweet Shop

Monday, 17 November 2014

Autumnal Vintage Rose Cottage Wedding Stationery

What with the weather being so very Autumnal at the moment and the leaves finally falling off the trees I've been thinking very much about Autumn inspired wedding stationery over the last week. Weddings in the, traditionally 'off season', Autumn period are becoming more and popular with couples as they look to save money. Its also a magical time of year to get married if you are looking for beautiful lighting for your wedding photography and a backdrop of gorgeous russet coloured leaves and trees.

I will be launching another autumn themed range of stationery in the new year but today I thought I would revisit my Rose Cottage range which has a lovely rustic Autumnal feel to it in shades of blush, cream and russet red with a brown kraft paper band and envelope.

The Rose Cottage range also has vintage stamp details and is tied up in string ... giving your guests a lovely parcel to open.
Add Rose print envelope liners and address labels to complete the look and purchase from a full range of matching reception stationery.

You can purchase samples from my Rose Cottage collection via the website at

Friday, 14 November 2014

Art Deco Inspired Weddings and Interiors

Wow this week has gone quickly!
As well as launching my Zazzle homewares shop on Monday ... I've had lots of design work to do this week. Its getting to that time of year when couples are really starting to think about their stationery for their weddings next year so I've had lots of bespoke enquiries which means lots of designing which is the best bit and really exciting.
One of the orders I've been working on this week has an Art Deco feel with hints of black and gold so I thought I'd share some of my favourite Art Deco inspiration to round the week up ...
I love the Deco period in both weddings and interiors so I've included both here ...


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Get Married Under A Floral Arch

As couples are trying to find more and more ways of making their day special and stand out from the crowd, I've seen lots more ideas popping up for decorating your 'alter' or, especially in non religious ceremonies, creating a focal point at your wedding venue to get married in front of or under.
Many 'blank canvas venues' don't really have anything other than the seating arrangement and a table to create an aisle and focal point for the bride and groom.
There are many ways of doing this .. including a painted backdrop and hanging decorations ... but one of my favourites is the floral arch.

Here are some of my favourite looks.
If you would like to create something like this for your wedding I would thoroughly recommend getting in contact with a uber-talented florist. My favourites to recommend would be and Berrett Photography

Monday, 10 November 2014

Brand New Range of Knots & Kisses Homewares & Accessories!

I have some rather exciting news to share with you today. I have teamed up with American website Zazzle to offer a brand new range of homewares and accessories in the Knots & Kisses style!
Designed by me and made by Zazzle these designs include cushions, decorative plates, tote bags and badges, may of which are available to personalise ... making them great Christmas presents, birthday presents or anniversary gifts.

You can purchase them now via my shop on Zazzle*
(Please remember if you are ordering from outside America to allow extra time for shipping and postage costs.)

I have designed a range of cushions which are available in several sizes and shapes and are either patterned for any home or personalised with your names and/or date which would make a fantastic wedding present or anniversary gift.

There are also porcelain plates in the homewares section which are again either perfect for any home or personalised with your names and/or dates to make a perfect memento or gift.
There is also an accessories section where you can buy from a range of tote bags which would be perfect if you are wanting personalised bags for a bridal shower or hen weekend, or just want to buy a small personalised gift for someone for Christmas. Plus a matching range of badges which again would be fantastic for a hen weekend or bachelorette party.

Finally, under 'home stationery' I have created a range of notepapers and notepads in the style of some of my favourite ranges.

I am over the moon with the shop and, as a bit of an interior design addict, have been excited to transfer my Knots & Kisses designs into a range of homewares which I hope you'll all really like!

Nikki x