Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our New Wedding Stationery Range 'Sketch' - Mushroom

Hello! I hope everyone is liking this week of blogs launching the new website and two new wedding stationery ranges... . Hopefully you've all also had a chance to check out the handmade Christmas Cards I'm now selling via facebook as well ..

Today I'm showing you the Mushroom colourway of the new Sketch range. This comes with a hand drawn Butterfly motif ... which I loved sketching out! I've always wanted to do a range which incorporated butterflies as I know how many people love them, but have always been put off as I didn't want it to be overly 'pretty'! Incorporating the Butterfly motif in as a botanical style drawing though has solved all that ... and I think it works beautifully well with the mushroom colour I've chosen.

For this range I've kept the styling simple ... a muted palette of greys, mushrooms and whites with small elements of hessian and string work really well with clean modern lines and very simple styling.
I'd love to see a big Georgian dining room or a rustic barn hung with the neutral coloured pom poms!


  1. I really love this range! Simple, sophisticated and so pretty! xx

  2. Thanks so much Louise ... really appreciate it :)

  3. Love. I love the botanical drawings influence and this colour way is really sophisticated.