Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gorgeous Autumn Plum & Burnt Orange Wedding Styling

I had a lovely chat with a bride last week who is going for a really Autumn feel to her wedding and wanted her stationery to reflect this. After lots of pastel coloured summer orders this excited me no end!
She wants to mix gorgeous deep plums, burnt oranges and mustards ... like the palette below .. but still keep it quite floral. I'm already sketching lots of ideas!

My head is now swimming with styling ideas to match this gorgeous palette! The great thing about Autumn weddings is you can have lots of strong colours for your bridesmaids and flowers .. mix matched bridesmaids would look fab, but gorgeous plum dresses with burnt orange flowers would also be fab.
Keep the table linen dark and sumptuous and light your venue with candles as this will make the most of those beautiful colours. Feather accessories and tweed touches are fantastic with this look and add a bit of drama!


  1. Much as I love the idea of June weddings (I'm a June baby, after all!), Autumn is my absolute FAVOURITE season for celebrations; there's just something so regal and rich about the palette (oh glorious burnt golds and royal purples!), and I can't help but imagine woodsy ceremonies amidst crunchy, fallen leaves and early sunsets...

    ...Now you've dunnit - yup, I want to get married again. My poor, poor husband.I think I'll just blame Knots & Kisses for our impending financial ruin :D

  2. Love this colour story. I'm getting wed in October and I shall inspire my better half with this! currently using orange and gold but I like the sound of the plum.

  3. Thanks for the fab comments .. glad to have inspired ( but really don't want to cause financial ruin lol! )