Friday, 24 June 2011

Vintage Style Wedding Dresses Under £500!

I do love a Vintage or Vintage Style wedding dress! There's nothing I like more than an old bit of lace ... but is it possible to do Vintage or Vintage style on a budget?
I decided for today's supplier spotlight to try and find gorgeous wedding dresses that suit a lot of the styling I showcase on this blog, but don't blow the budget or your bank balance out the water!
I have to say I was delighted to find lots of options for under £500 .. some of which I already new about and some of which I came across whilst searching.

The first company is a particular favourite of mine .. . BHLDN are based in America but shipping costs are quite low and although they also do some blow the budget dresses they also offer very reasonably priced dresses under $1000. The two I found below are $600 so around £375 plus shipping.

Next is good old Ebay. You've got to love Ebay for vintage and antiques ... I've found loads of homeware on there in the past but was surprised to find some really gorgeous new wedding dresses on there ... and not just the dodgy ones from China! These gorgeous vintage style dresses are amazing value .. the first one is £210 and the second £325.

I love Monsoon ... its my favourite high street shop .. and I honestly think they do the best bridal range on the high street, especially if you're after something a little more vintage and bohemian in style.
These two dresses from the current collection have a lovely seventies feel to them. The first one is £150 and the second £225. Find them at

Finally a lovely vintage dress company I found through Twitter. Love Miss Daisy is a online shop that sells gorgeous vintage clothing and accessories and also has a range of Vintage bridalwear. They advise booking an appointment and going to try their dresses on as they don't offer refunds ... but its well worth the £30 fee which is deducted from any purchase. I love all their gowns and they are incredibly reasonably priced.
You can visit their website to view current stock.
The two below are my current favourites .. although I have to say I have cheated on the last one which is £550 .. whoops! The other one is £400 though.


  1. What beautiful dresses!! My favourite is the first ebay dress, just yummy :)

  2. Thanks for your comments ... good to hear everyone's got different favourites!

  3. Oh so pretty, my favourite is the first e-bay one, it reminds me of the one my Mum wore on her wedding day.

  4. Hey Nikki I love this post. These dresses are all gorgeous, my fave is the 2nd one down, so beautiful with the layers of lace and patterns.. Thankyou for sharing this post x