Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Flowers In Season For A Winter Wedding

Today sees my final post in my four part series on what flowers are in season for your wedding. Today I'm looking at winter weddings. Immediate thoughts of winter weddings are red roses and lots of evergreen pine but there are a lot more options that you would think.
Of course the list below is just my favourites and make sure you check with your florist about what they can provide for you on the exact date of your wedding.


Cosmos is such a beautiful little flower - it come in many colours but I particularly love the 'Chocolate' variety for winter wedding bouquets.

A great statement flower for winter and in a surprising variety of colours. I would go classic with silver green foliage and winter white amaryllis or the gorgeous deep hued burgundy flowers.

These gorgeous small flowers look amazing on their own en-masse or equally at home accenting larger flowers in a bouquet or arrangement.

Pussy Willow
I adore this in winter bouquets - it gives such a edgy rustic wild woodland look and lots of drama.

Martine Sancoucy Photography via A Most Curious Wedding Fair
Again a lovely range of colours but perfect if you are looking for dark purples and plums.
Sullivan Owen via
Ok not really a flower but I adore herbs in bouquets and as rosemary is so hardy its great for adding to winter bouquets and makes lovely table displays tucked into napkins.



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  1. Superb bouquets! I really love flowers and floral decorations. We have been planning a surprise anniversary party on our grandparent’s wedding anniversary. Recently we are busy in visiting the domestic Banquet Halls and after getting the venue we would hire a creative florist for the decoration. It’ll be a great fun!!