Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Flowers In Season For A Summer Wedding

Following on with my series about what flowers to pick depending on the season you are getting married .. this week its Summer .. and after the heavy rain this week I could do with a bit of sunshine even if its just in floral form!
So here are some of my favourite flowers for summer bouquets and arrangements. As before check with your florist first to make sure he/she can get these in your area, but as a general guide this should give you an idea.


I adore Dahlias almost as much as I love Peonies in late spring! They are a gorgeous big blowsy flower which make a fantastic style statement on their own but also look beautiful when in with a hand tied mix of flowers in a fashionably 'messy' bouquet.

I have some gorgeous hydrangeas growing in my own garden. Mine are pink but they are also lovely in shades of blue through to purple. I love them so much I made hydrangea the main flower on my Tuscany range of stationery. Again they look beautiful mixed in with other flowers but as the heads are so big they also look amazing on their own en-masse.

Obviously a classic favourite for weddings, I especially love more English Country Tea Roses than the standard kind .. but then I'm very partial to a rustic looking hand tied bouquet. The standard variety still look amazing for simple one flower arrangements, and of course the wide variety of colours make roses incredibly versatile.

Sweet Peas
I love how delicate sweet peas are ... they look like they might fall apart at any second and are one of the flowers that really sums up summer somehow for me.

I personally think daisies are a very underestimated flower! They are the perfect backdrop to other flowers in the garden - breaking up other colours with their white and sunny yellow centres .. and this applies in wedding bouquets as well. A sprinkling of daisies instantly gives relaxed country charm. You could also just have daisies for a strong country impact.

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