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Hints & Tips - Wedding Invitation Styles

Choosing A Style For Your Wedding Invitations

Choosing your wedding stationery can be a bit of a minefield, so I wanted to give a bit of a guide into the various different styles and finishes of wedding stationery you can consider and what would work best for your wedding.

Of course the possibilities are endless, and no-one should feel constricted by existing designs as most stationers will offer a bespoke service, but here are my Top 4 Ideas and also a few hints and tips on Card Quality & Finish ….

1. Flat or Postcard Style

A simple flat printed invitation. This style of invitation is perfect for you if you don’t have too much information to pass onto your guests, and is also a great option for evening invitations which don’t need as much wording on them. They also make a great Save the Date card option.

A5 Flat or Postcard style invitations are great for last minute weddings or if you need invitations in a rush as they can be more easily printed quickly for you.

2. Flat Folded Style

A traditional square folded card can make a great wedding invitation, giving your guests a good insight into the style of your wedding on the front cover, and providing plenty of room inside to give your guests the basic details of the day and R.S.V.P information.

These are also often easier to make in a hurry if you order a pre-existing off the peg design.

3. Pocketfold Style

Pocketfolds are great if you have lots of guests coming from further afield or have lots of information you need to let your guests know about your day.

I often include a RSVP card and envelope for guests to fill in and return, plus an information card providing guests directions, hotel suggestions and details about your gift list. Maps can also be included.

4. Present Style
An alternative to a pocketfold, several invitations, information and rsvp cards can be layered up and wrapped in a co-ordinating band or tied in string. This can really work when you want to include numerous information cards, maps or rsvps, and can be a gorgeous little package or present for you guests to open when they receive their invitations!

Of course there are also several different types of printing and types of card to consider as well.

There are different types of printing for example. Some stationery comes with a digital print which will usually give you a smooth flat modern finish. I personally print a lot of my stationery designs on good heavyweight textured card – such as wove, laid or aquarello – which gives a more substantial feel and also works really well if you are looking for a vintage feel.

Another alternative is Letterpress. Quite a few companies now specialize in Letterpress style invitations which essentially is a technique that involves printing words or designs with ink while simultaneously ‘debossing’ the image into thick, soft paper.

Most professional stationers will make sure they are using a nice heavy weight card. I wouldn’t usually go for anything less than 300gsm, however you do need to take into account that different card types will feel differently at different weights and so 300gsm in one card will feel ‘less heavy’ than 300gsm in another.

What I’m essentially advocating is always make sure you get a physical sample from your stationer before buying! I personally always think its quite important to hold stationery in your hand to get a really good idea of what its quality is, and most stationers will offer a sample order service.
You can order samples of all my wedding stationery designs via my website
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