Friday, 27 September 2013

Beautiful Wedding Photography

Today I want to finish the week by sharing with you some of my favourite wedding photography and photographers.
There is a lot about at the moment about spending a good amount on your photography as these will be the memories you will keep forever. Its incredibly easy to decide to go with the cheapest option with your photographer ... many have done this and have been horrified with the results. Many will book the cheapest option and luck out with a really great photographer who just happens to be starting out and looking to build a portfolio.
I am not going to start preaching about whether you should spend £1000s on your wedding photography. Do what's right for you and your budget .. if a really beautiful album full of gorgeous memories of your day is important to you though then make sure you choose wisely. The best advice I can give is go with the photographer who's style you like the best and not who has the biggest/smallest asking price. This way you'll generally end up with something you love!

Speaking of things I love .... here are some of my favourite wedding photography images to get you inspired! You may have noticed that I favour a really relaxed style of photography .. I'm not a fan of big group photos or overly staged shots ... what I really love is a close up of the Bride & Groom looking totally in love on their wedding day.

Photgraphy by

Photography by
Photography by POP photography
Photography by Paige Lowe Photography
Photography by Jacqui McSweeney


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