Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wedding Sashes & Belts

I've always been of the mind that the accessories and not the dress make a great wedding look and that you can buy a very simple dress for under £500 and make it look stunning and individual with the accessories you put with it ... a completely plain dress can be made to look like the perfect vintage look with a lace shawl or birdcage veil, or the perfect winter wondeland dress with a white fur wrap and some relatively inexpensive diamante.

On this note today I wanted to look at Belts & Sashes which you can buy and add to your simple dress to make it look stunning.

First up are these gorgeously simple sashes from ...

They also have these incredibly pretty floral numbers for adding some vintage detail to your wedding dress ...

Next up are these beautiful pieces from which can include some original vintage elements and are just stunning!


Finally if you are after something with some sparkly vintage glamour I found Australian based company msGDesigns selling on who have these gorgeous 'jewel encrusted' sashes perfect for a 1920s style wedding ...

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