Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wedding Styling .... The Colour Purple!

I'm quite excited about today's styling ideas I'm sharing with you. I have something to admit ... growing up I hated the colour purple! It was my sister's favourite colour .. she was obsessed with the colour, everything she owned had to be purple ... and so, of course I hated it!
I have, however, had a change of heart. Since styling my lovely sister's wedding and making her stationery I have become slightly obsessed myelf with the colour! Its not something I would ever really wear a lot of clothing wise but I now adore it in interiors and especially weddings!
Here's an example of some bespoke stationery I did using purple last year ....

For more of our stationery vist

The great thing about purple is it comes in so many different shades and variations, which can be used to style your wedding in so many different ways.
I personally love deep purples and plums, which can go really well with deep pink colours to create a vibrant glamourous effect. These colours work brilliantly with other deep jewel colours, vintage jewellery and look stunning as well with peacock feathers. Here's a few styling ideas using these deep purple colours.

central image by ; left and right images by
left image make up by ; central image ; right image courtesy of shutterstock
left and right images courtesy of Firefly Weddings ; cake

Hope thats given you a few ideas! If you want to discuss a gorgeous bespoke purple stationery design drop us an email at or give me a ring on 07976625201.
Look out for a further blog post on Wednesday when I'll be styling with the lighter shades of purple .. lavender and heather!

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  1. Your blogs are always a pleasure to read. Your bespoke invitations are consistently fabulous.

    I look forward to seeing photos in the future of more purple inspired creations of yours.