Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tartan Wedding Inspiration

I definitely go through times of being completely obsessed with a particular trend or design ... and at the moment its tartan! Its probably because Christmas is approaching which always makes me want to cosy up with a mug of hot chocolate under a tartan blanket, but its also as there is lots of tartan in the stores with clothes and interiors at the moment.
I added a splash of tartan to my Vintage Christmas range of wedding stationery and its a lovely subtle touch for a winter wedding.

So I thought I would look at some more ideas to incorporate tartan into your wedding on the blog today.

Obviously there are many different colours and patterns of tartan but I think my favourite is a red based tartan with a rustic feel ...

photo Sachin Khona Photographer
I also love a green and blue tartan though which can look incredibly elegant mixed with lots of crisp white linen and thistles ...

I hope that's given you a few ideas as to how to incorporate tartan into your wedding ... If you would like Tartan themed stationery to match then I have used tartan in these invitations before so just get in touch at if you would like a similar design.

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