Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Budget Bridal Looks

I've given myself a bit of a challenge this week!
I'm forever telling friends etc that the first thing I would dramatically cut the budget on if I was to get married and didn't have a lot of money to spend would be 'The Dress' ... cue gasps of Shock & Horror! 'Surely this is the most important part of your day!' .... and I guess for most Brides it possibly is ... for those that have spent their lives dreaming about the perfect wedding dress.

I do personally think though that you can do Bridal style 'on the cheap' as long as you strategically pick good accessories and think about the styling.
So here goes ... Budget Bridal Looks for under £500 ...


The Wedding Dress is vintage at £275 and from who have a selection of vintage dresses at really reasonable prices on offer. The gorgeous lace shawl is from and comes in at £75 with the current exchange rate. The gorgeous hair clip is from at £60 and the shoes are £69 from .
Of course you could easily substitute the shawl for a pretty cardigan or nothing at all and reduce the cost even further!

Check back tomorrow for my Budget Bridal Look 2 - this time with a chic Fifties feel!

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