Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Introducing My New Greetings Card Range!

Rather excited this morning! As many of you may know a couple of months ago I opened a new card shop on facebook!/knotsandkissesstationery?sk=app_135607783795 to sell packs of specially designed Christmas cards. This has gone really well and so from Friday I will also be selling a new range of Greetings Cards!
The designs are ones I've been working on for a while now and can all have the message on the front personalised to suit your needs. The designs I've shown here have a Happy Birthday message but they could just as easily be Thank You or Get Well Soon Cards .. whatever you require.

Here are the first 4 designs, including a specially designed Valentines Day Card ...

Hope you like them! If you would like to purchase any of the range before Friday please contact me via email at


  1. These are simply beautiful!

  2. So gorgeous! Already have people in mind for your lovely birthday cards! xx

  3. Ah thats fab .. thanks Louise xx