Monday, 19 September 2011

Perfect Hats and Veils For Your Bridal Look!

I've been inspired today by a friend of mine who had a fabulous wedding a couple of years ago and completed her bridal look with a gorgeous veiled red top hat.
It got me thinking about how amazing brides can look with proper hats, facinators and birdcage veils rather than the traditional veil. Its also perfect to top off a vintage look for your wedding and can look fantastic with either long or short dresses.

Below are some of my favourite options ....

I love this gorgeous flat option, perfect to go with short fifties style dresses .. and how fabulous is the bow design! Both are from 

These 4 options from would top off a modern or vintage looking dress perfectly. I love the lace headress! Very Lily Allen!

Finally these stunning options from The Hat Collective available on
I absolutely adore the Peony and Veil option ... with a hat this stunning you can keep your dress simple and perhaps with just a small vintage cardi over the top.


  1. Stunning designs, love the Hat Collective designs. Tempted to get one for myself :@)

  2. LOVING the vintage headpiece resurgence!

    These alternatives are perfect for brides who don't necessarily want to be bound by the traditional, veiled look, but who nevertheless want to retain a sense of (individualised)classic elegance. Fabulous post! xx

  3. Thanks Cherise! Exactly what I thought :)

  4. Love the hat collection for weddings. The lacy hats make the bride look beautiful. Can't wait to get one for me too. Waiting anxiously for your next blog.