Monday, 5 September 2011

A Moody Windswept Wuthering Heights Inspired Wedding!

As you are reading this I'm hopefully sunning myself in the South of France
( I'm hoping the weather forecasts were wrong! ) ... but I wouldn't want my lovely readers to go without so I've scheduled a Monday Wedding Styling Post as normal.
We're coming up to .. some may say already in! ... my favourite season Autumn! So I've based this blog post on one of my favourite books with a distinctly windswept feel Wuthering Heights.
If you're going to have a lovely autumnal or wintery wedding then go for a bit of gloomy gothic drama! Not traditional I know .. but it doesn't have to be dreary! I personally love grey and brown at weddings, but add some moody heather or plum colours to brighten it up if you want.

Here is a moodboard to inspire you ....

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