Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Guest Post From Lady Amy Design All About Wedding Shoes!

Hi All ... Can I just say first before I hand over to the lovely Lauren ... A big congratulations to her on her engagement last week! If you haven't seen it already pop over to her blog as there's a picture of the gorgeous and rather sparkly engagement ring!
Right over to Lauren ....

Good morning peeps and happy Wednesday!

I feel very content and happy this week, after a few days holiday'ing =) It's as if I'm floating about in the lovely wedding world. The wedding industry is in full swing and as another wedding approaches me this weekend, I do my usual take time out for a little blog writing and research.

This week I would like to share with you some beautiful and unique wedding shoes, which I found during some Internet surfing. I love surfing the net finding fabulous treasures, designers and inspiration.
Today, I have chosen to share a range of beautiful shoes from traditional cream elegance, a rainbow of fabrics and colour or something a touch more cutesy, glitzy and twinkly to something heavily inspired by vintage chic and whimsical beauty. 'A pair of fabulous shoes can make your outfit and create a whole theme / concept'

I recently featured Rachel Simpsons shoes in a Cotswolds bridal shoot which I directed. I am very much looking forward to sharing these images with you all soon, once the images are ready and edited .

I love Rachel Simpson bridal shoes. They suit almost every brides budget ;) and they are so pretty and inter-changeable with accessories and colours. Tilly and Marilyn being 2 of my faves.. Have a look at Rachel's website for an entire gallery of wonderful designs.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful wedding shoes...


Best wishes


  1. Gosh, these are really beautiful shoes! Each shoe in this group can represent every wedding theme which a bride will fancy. :)

  2. Where can you find the pair four from the top (with the lace, bow, and beads)?? :)

  3. The lace ones are available if you follow link

  4. Wow! Such a cute and nice shoes. It's really perfect for a wedding shoes. Thanks for sharing this to us.

    The most important factor to consider in choosing a pair of wedding shoes for your big day is matching your shoes to your wedding location. This means skipping stilettos at a garden wedding, where your heels will sink into the grass and avoiding wedges on the beach, where you're likely to break your ankle if you make one move in the wrong direction.

  6. I’ve seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work.